Saturday, April 3, 2010

Yesterday my mom and I went to visit Sam Droege and give him the bee tubes so that he could mail them to everyone. After we gave him the tubes he took us in the woods where he was conducting an experiment (are bees more attracted to styrofoam cups or plastic solo cups). The cups were all filled with soapy water that killed the bees when they went in. We went around documenting how many bees were in each cup, after that Sam would pour the bees and the water through a little net where he would later pick out all the bees for preservation. I recorded how many bees were in each cup and the results were obvious:bees really didn't like the styrofoam cups.
In Sam's office I took some pictures of Osmia bees he has. He also gave us two trays of bees to take home and show to the schools.
It was a very successful trip and tomorrow we will be putting out the bee nests!!!

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