Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bee Trap Nests

I just finished making the very first successful bee trap nest! Besides the other two mess-ups with the trap nests, the project has been smooth sailing so far. Here are two tips when building the trap nests: 1. The holes for nine of the tubes SHOULD be breaking the edge of the foam. The tubes will brace themselves between the bottle and the foam. 2. You will not be able to read the numbers if written directly on the foam, I found it easier to put little pieces of duct tape on the foam and write the numbers on that.

Once again the instructions can be found at:

E-mail me at or if you have any questions!

If you want to participate and haven't spoken up-sorry I have to e-mail the list to Sam Droege (Bee expert extraordinaire) who will send out the tubes.

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