Wednesday, March 7, 2007

On March 5th I went to a government hearing on the endangered species listing of the Polar Bears. I didn't speak but many other people did. Most people there wanted to save the Polar Bears. My dad's organization was handing out baseball caps that had been made into Polar Bear heads..............and life vests. Above there is a picture of me and my sister wearing our Polar Bear hats!!! The best part of the hearing was when a big Polar Bear came up to the microphone to testify!!! Above the picture of me and my sister is the Polar Bear testifying!!! The Polar Bear was VERY cute. OK people times almost up for the Polar Bears...........and for you better send in comments to help save the Polar Bears!!!! You can do this by sending an email to Or you can go to this address and it will have a sample letter for you to send. Hurry up quick because the deadline is April 9th.

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s.pazz said...

hi mollie,
i reelie like ur post. keep up the good wrk!!