Wednesday, March 7, 2007

I am responding to a comment published by Rachelle who lives in the U.K. Rachelle's daughter is also determined to help people, animals and the environment!!!! Rachelle and her daughter asked me what they could do to help stop Global Warming. Well first of all you can stop using gas to run your car and use french fry grease. You can also give comments on why you think that the Polar Bears should be on the endangered species list to!! You can also tell your daughter to tell her classmates about it.Thanks Rachelle for your comment!!!

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John said...

Dear Mollie,
My mom is newspaper reporter, and she wrote a story about global warming. And I made posters about global warming one of them said factories are using smoke, and polar bears their ice is melting so a lot of them are dying.
I like what you're doing.

Caroline, 8, New Jersey