Saturday, February 10, 2007

Save the Arctic! Hello My name is Mollie I'm 8 and I'm in third grade, and I'm here to talk about the Arctic and the Polar Bears. Because of GLOBAL WARMING all the ice in the Arctic is melting. We all know that Polar Bears can swim, but they can't swim forever. Soon the Polar bears will become extinct and the food chain will be thrown off. Besides even if there is enough ice for the Polar Bears to walk on, who said the would be thick enough to hold the Polar Bears. Remember this is all happening because of GLOBAL WARMING. And not only Polar Bears are suffering because of GLOBAL WARMING. The seals could go extinct to. Even though we think of seals as under water animals, but only fish can have babies underwater, and a seal is not a fish. So if there is no ice for the seals to have there babies and rest then the seals will go extinct.
Thank You for reading
Sincerely Mollie


brandon said...
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brandon said...

i say we should help stop global warming by not riding cars and stuff and not using electricity if we dont stop global warming a lot of animals shall die so do the best u can to save the animals thank u by brandon
and im nine years old thank you

brandon said...

im in 3rd grade 2

brandon said...

so i agree with mollie did u know that im in her class
after all poor animals
dont u feal bad
for them

Rebecca said...

You Go Girl !!!

love from VERMONT...we're rooting for ya


Rachelle said...

Hello Mollie,

I just wanted to stop by and congratulate you on your Blog. I only realised the other day about the polar bears after watching a documentary about global warming. (I'm 34 years old by the way; that's pretty old isn't it?!)

I have a little girl who will be 6 on Sunday and she has chosen instead of having party bags, to send the money we would have spent feeding 30 African children a good lunch.

it warms my heart to know there are so many children out there in the world who care about the beautiful planet and all the people, animals and plants on it.

What can you suggest I and my daughter can do to help stop global warming?

Much love
Rae x (in the UK)

Ken said...

Hi Mollie,

You’ve done a wonderful job with this blog, keep it up. I especially like the images of the North Pole you posted.

Here are a few images you might find interesting. In March 2000 an Iceberg the size of Connecticut, cracked off Antarctica. Just a few weeks ago this Iceberg starting breaking up into smaller pieces and here is a link with some images of it.

Jacob and Jacinta said...

i think that is a great idea. the piece of writing is very inspirational and i really hope we can make a difference to the extinction of seals and polar bears. in geography we were learning about how we could save the antartic and i really hope you will make history. good luck and you are an intelligent young girl! all the best.

with all respect
Jacinta Leathart
year 8 and 13 years old
P.S. keep it up! :) xx