Sunday, February 11, 2007

Look at how much sea ice has melted since 1979.
The picture at right is the sea ice now.
The picture below it is the sea ice in 1979.
Guess what that means? Global warming is melting ice.
Right now, the government is trying to decide whether to protect polar bears. You can help by letting them know that they should list polar bears as an endangered species! You can write an email message to before April 9 to say "Protect the Polar Bear!"

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s.pazz said...

these pics are UNBIELEVABLE!!!!!!!!! I can't believe that this is really happening to the ice caps. If you want to learn more, watch the movie called "An In convienient Truth". Not a boring movie on Global Warming hosted by the former prez. Al Gore. Great movie.....highly recomend it. Get some pics from google and encourage readers to watch. What an inspiring film!