Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lets Get Crackin!

Hey there everybody! I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer. I know I am! Going to the pool, chilling with a good book, or hanging out with friends. But no amount of summer fun or ice creams can wash away the fact that there are still a ton of things that we need to do to help our community and our world. But what? What problem should we pick to conquer? So leave a comment, tell me what you think is the most pressing urge on this place we call home. Lets work together and solve a matter that is pressing upon our lives. So when you are sitting and watching tv or going for a walk, talk five minutes and think about what we can do together.



Ali Chapis said...

Hi I'm Ali Chapis from New Jersey and I just recently read about you in the Girls Gone Green book. I want to make a difference in the world; just like you did. How can I help you?

p.s. if it helps I make awsome cupcakes....can I donate the proceeds to your foundation?

Please respond

Ali Chapis said...
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Mollie said...

Hey Ali! I'm so excited that you would like to help me! The cupcake idea sounds awesome and maybe we can do that later but right now I'm mainly focusing on what to do. If you have any ideas as to a foundation we should donate to or some sort of project we could start I'm all ears! Im thinking about donating money to the conquer pediatric chiari foundation. Chiari is a little known disease with many symptons that make the patient suffer constantly. There is no known cure and since the disease is so little known about, it is hard for scientists to get enough money and conduct research. I've also been doing a bee project for about two years now and if you would like to take a part in that it would be cool! (look on older posts for information on the project.) So right now you could say I am in the brainstorming stage. I am trying to find something that really inspires me to make a difference. So another project I am thinking of doing is somehow helping the pika. The pika is a small squirrel type animal that can only live in an elevation of 6,600 to 13,000 feet. Because of there hindering elevation needs and mostly because of climate change, the pika is almost extinct. Please leave another comment if any of these ideas sound promising or if you have any of your own! I would love to hear from you!