Monday, January 11, 2010

The Honey Bees

Hello everyone (if anyone is out there) I hope your holidays were FANTASTIC and relaxing because we have our work cut out for us. Over the holidays I was handing out jars of honey to all of my relatives. On these jars I tied a label talking about the delicate state honey bees are in and what we need to do to protect them. I also wrote that to help honey bees and your fellow people, go to, where you can donate the small amount of $30 to buy a family in need a bee hive. A bee hive can start a whole new life for a family, they can sell the honey and the honey comb and be lifted out of poverty by the helping hands of, that's right, YOU.
I just wanted to say that although I haven't been posting, I have been active with the environment. I am getting a science club started in my school to start raising awareness about the Homey Bees. In this club we will be working up to having bee boxes in our garden to help pollinate flowers. We will study these bees by using a great guide that my mentor, Gabriella Chavarria, gave to me. Once I get this started at my school I will be heading over to the other elementary schools that have gardens to see if they also would like to take part.
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Glad to see you are blogging again Mollie! :)