Sunday, September 28, 2008

T.A Barron

I was nominated for a prize called the Gloria Barron Prize a while ago because of the work I did with the polar bears. I answered questions, my teacher wrote a letter, and my friends mom wrote a letter. That is what I had to do in order to be considered for this prize. All those papers went through a panel of judges. Many kids are nominated for this prize, but only ten are chosen winners. Each winner receives a press release and $2500 to spend on education or further activism. I WAS ONE OF THE WINNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But you know what's even cooler? It wasn't me who won, it was you. You and everyone else who is trying to make an environmental difference in the world. The man who gives this award is T.A Barron. He named this prize after his mother. T.A Barron also happens to be a writer. His books are AMAZING! I highly recommend the The Lost Years of Merlin series. They are wonderful books!! His all new series continues The Lost Years of Merlin. Its called Merlin's Dragon. So last week I went to the Aladdin's Lamp Bookstore and attended a T.A Barron's book signing! T.A Barron is really nice. It was so awesome to meet him in person! Heres the link to T.A Barrons website!

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