Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Honeybees

Hi listeners, I'm back! Did everyone have a wonderful Halloween! I did I got 5 pounds of candy. But I don't know how i could of enjoyed Halloween when the honey bees are dying out. I didn't realize that our land depended on Honeybees so much until I watched a show on the Honeybees. We depend on Honeybees for apples, plums, nectarines, peaches, pears, oranges, and honeybees top product, Honey. You see without the Honeybees we would have to eat bread and meat all of our lifetime. You might say yeah, i love those foods i can deal with that. But, have you ever gotten this totally awesome new cereal, and you think i could live off this it taste so good? Well after like 2,3 or how ever many weeks it takes don't you get sick of it and tell your mom i don't want this cereal anymore? Well think about eating bread and meat your whole life. There is a way to pollinate without bees, and some places already do. WHOA hold up there keep reading this post because the way to pollinate without bees is humans. That's fine you say?? Well, its not it is extremely expensive and time consuming. Scientists have taken Honeybees and looked at their insides and found very disturbing results. The Honeybees are being infected by more than one disease, but what I think we should do now is stop everything that has harmed things in the past like pollution, lawn chemicals and so forth. PLEASE I NEED YOUR HELP.I know that I have been telling you to tell me to give me your ideas but now I think about it, don't give me your ideas DO your ideas, but tell me about them if you absolutely cant do your ideas. I will help you in anyway I can.Thank you and have a great day.


hb said...

This is an important subject, Molly; and I'm glad you are helping to spread the word about it. One useful fact about the bee crisis is that small bee farmers are not having nearly as serious a loss as are big, "industrial" bee farmers. That's another reminder that size matters in nature!
Hugs to you and your family, Harriet Barlow

Fiona said...

hey molly, its fiona
i just read the e-mail you sent me and i decided to check out your updated blog. when i saw this i thought 'wow, i never knew about this but i'm glad that i do now!' i'm definatly spreading the word and e-mailing your link to other people!
luv ya!