Sunday, July 8, 2007

Sorry I have not been writing on my blog lately. I'm telling you now that I am going to try and save the Honey Bees but I don't whats killing them yet.:( So as soon as I find out I am going to try and save them! If you have an idea on how the Honey Bees are disappearing please tell me by leaving a comment explaining why.


FrogMeister said...

Molly -
Congratulations on your Action For Nature’s International 2007 Young Eco-Hero Award!

I see that you are planning on working on honey bee colony collapse disorder.

Although, honey bees pollinate approximately $15 Billion worth of crops in the U.S. each year. The value of pollination services provided by native bees and other wildlife is even greater. It is estimated that honeybees only pollinate 15% of the most common food crops worldwide. So, don't forget our native pollinators, they are also declining and could use your help! Check out

Shadowdancer said...

Hi there. Love your blog. I too am trying to save the honey bee. Here is what I found-

Some researchers are investigating a few different theories. These are as follows:

Cell phone usage-Is so great that the signals are throwing off the bees and they cannot find their ways back to the hive.

Pesticides-Are killing them on a regular basis

Mad Bee Disease-This being any illness that the bees are not immune to, which there are many of due to declining numbers and not enough diverstiy.

I hope this helps you in your quest.